006: How Every Man Jack sells Men's Body Products to REPEAT Customers w/ Troy Petrunoff

Troy Petrunoff (Retention Marketing Manager at Every Man Jack) discusses how he started working for Every Man Jack back in 2021 and how he had helped with their retention growth. He dives into the ins & outs of running a subscription product, the tech stack used, acquisition, customer experience as well as how to get super fans. Troy shares Every Man Jack’s new SEO & blog strategy, how the Super Bowl helped them with one of their biggest SMS campaigns and how adding new products keeps the brand exciting & gets customers to return.

0:00 - 1:17 Introduction
1:18 - 6:41 Who is Troy Petrunoff & what is Every Man Jack?
6:42 - 8:24 What effect does the tech stack have on Every Man Jack’s retention?
8:25 - 14:09 What’s Every Man Jack’s retention strategy?
14:10 - 16:35 How does Every Man Jack double down on their retention strategy?
16:36 - 23:59 Every Man Jack’s biggest retention campaign? 
24:00 - 24:38 Bounty
24:39 - 31:28 Every Man Jack’s returning customer rate & how they sustain it.
31:29 - 38:05 What is Every Man Jack’s top performing flow?
38:06 - 41:08 What retention metrics does Every Man Jack track?
41:09 - 43:18 What retention mistakes are DTC brands making?
43:19 - 45:42 What advice can Every Man Jack give to other brands just starting retention?
45:43 - Outro

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📸 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/troypetrunoff/
🖇️ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/troypetrunoff/

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006: How Every Man Jack sells Men's Body Products to REPEAT Customers w/ Troy Petrunoff
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