005: How to build an 8 Figure Supplement Brand from ONLY Subscriptions w/ Monica Grohne

Monica Grohne (Founder & CEO at Marea Wellness) shares her story of how she built a drinkable supplement brand that launched back in 2020. She shares how community building and direct feedback from customers has been crucial for the brand's success as well as how customer interviews help with their brand tone, website copy, ad copy and overall language. They dive into Marea’s email and sms marketing strategy, how loyalty programs work best when you actually speak to your customers and how they've been able to measure retention in an 8 figure brand.

0:19 - 4:23 Who is Monica Grohne?
4:24 - 7:10 What is Marea's retention strategy?
7:11 - 11:34 What was Marea’s biggest retention campaign?
11:35 - 14:06 How does Marea's Facebook community help with the brand’s retention?
14:07 - 16:34 How does Marea push its other products and services to consumers?
16:35 - 17:14 Bounty
17:15 - 18:49 What is Marea's repeat customers rate + how do they sustains & grow it? 
18:50 - 22:44 What is Marea's most profitable retention flow?
22:45 - 25:12 What is Marea's email & sms marketing strategy? 
25:13 - 28:01 What loyalty program strategy has worked the best for Marea?
28:02 - 30:49 How do you setup a loyalty program that works?
30:50 - 31:42 How does Marea measure retention?

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005: How to build an 8 Figure Supplement Brand from ONLY Subscriptions w/ Monica Grohne
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