003: How Baboon to the Moon uses Customer Retention to Increase Sales w/ Carolina Bushman

Deb Mukherjee and Carolina Bushman (Retention Marketing Manager at Baboon to the Moon) discuss customer loyalty and how building a community using email and SMS marketing helps increase customer retention. Caroline shares how comments, questions, customer feedback and shockingly direct mail has helped increase their sales as well as how just responding to people creates customer loyalty. She also shares how brands make the mistake of sending too many emails and how consistency is just as important as acquisition!

0:20 - 3:47 Introduction
3:48 - 8:14 What is Baboon to the Moonโ€™s retention strategy & does knowing the customer help?
8:15 - 15:45 Does Baboon to the Moonโ€™s TikTok engagement & customer feedback create customer profiles?
15:46 - 21:40 A Baboon to the Moon Retention Email Campaign that performed well & was extended 
21:41 - 22:19 Bounty
22:20 - 27:17 Is there a relation between email and SMS marketing + the key points for each to work?
27:18 - 30:01 What does Baboon to the Moon do to create loyal customers?
30:02 - 33:13 What are the metrics Baboon to the Moon uses to measure retention?
33:14 - 34:50 What retention mistakes do other DTC brands make?
34:51 - 38:23 What retention advice would Baboon to the Moon give other brands?
38:24 - 39:37 What is Baboon to the Moonโ€™s tech stack?
39:38 - Outro

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003: How Baboon to the Moon uses Customer Retention to Increase Sales w/ Carolina Bushman
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